Air Conditioning Installation for Clemmons Homeowners

Clemmons Air Conditioner Installation Reviews

D. Spainhour

"Newman Heating and Air has handled all our home's HVAC needs. They custom built a system to supply air to third floor bonus room; replace original HVAC unit; and supplied air to basement renovation. With all three projects the service was timely and the finshed systems were exactly as promised. I can highly recommend Newman Heating and Air to anyone needing HVAC work."

When it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable, you must choose the right air conditioner. Installing the wrong air conditioning unit can cause you years of higher-than-necessary energy bills. With over 30 years of air conditioning installation experience in Clemmons, Newman Heating & Air will make sure you get the right unit installed for the right price.

Ruud Authorized Dealer

We install Ruud air conditioners and are a Ruud “PRO Partner.” Ruud air conditioners are one of the best values in residential air conditioning systems. They offer excellent price-to-performance. They also have one of the strongest warranties in the industry. You can rest easy knowing that your home will be comfortable for many summers to come.

A leader in innovation, Ruud offers everything from mini-split ductless systems to 5-ton cnetral residential air conditioning units. We’ll help you find the perfect Ruud air conditioner to fit your home.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Spending less money on a unit that isn’t large enough to keep your home cool will cost you in the long run. The right size air conditioner will cool your home quicker, meaning it runs less and uses less energy.

An air conditioner will last longer if it isn’t overworked trying to cool a home larger than it’s rated for. You will also save money on maintenance, service, and repair costs over the life of the unit.

To determine what size unit your home needs, we’ll come in and gather data to perform a cooling load calculation. Some things we look at are:

There are several other things, like the number of appliances and occupants in a home, that go into the calculation. Once we’ve gathered all that data, we place it into an industry-standard software program and calculate your home’s cooling load. This determines the size of the air conditioning system best suited to keep your home efficiently cooled.

System Installation

The installation of a new air conditioner, or replacement of an existing air conditioner, requires a permit in Clemmons. It also requires that the work pass inspection after we complete the installation. We perform our work to code, and we guarantee it.

After we determine what size unit your home needs, we’ll recommend the Ruud unit best suited to meet that need and your budget. Then we’ll:

Ongoing Service & Maintenance

Our job isn’t done after your air conditioner installation. We want to make sure your new unit provides years of comfort for you and your family. We can schedule regular semi-annual maintenance to make sure your system remains efficient and worry-free. Visit our Air Conditioning Maintenance, Service & Repair page to learn more.

Replacing an air conditioner or installing a new one is a huge investment. Before you spend thousands of dollars on a system, call us and see why homeowners in Clemmons have trusted Newman Heating & Air to install their air conditioning systems for over 30 years.

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